We provide consulting services, training, courses, diploma courses, seminars, project formulation, etc., to help us raise funds to fulfill our social purpose.

Consulting and training

Project formulation

Entrepreneurship support


Solidarity Economy

Consultancy & Advice

We advise companies and social entrepreneurs in the management of national and international cooperation projects.


  • We train companies and social entrepreneurs in everything related to the third sector.
  • We offer courses, seminars, diplomas, etc., directly in ONGDES and virtually in agreement with the Corporación Universitaria Empresarial de Salamanca-CUES.

Project formulation

We offer the services of formulation and management of social projects.

Entrepreneurship support

Lending services to support business development and entrepreneurship as defined by Law 1014 of 2006.

Solidarity economy

  • Promotion and support activities for non-profit entities that carry out direct actions in the national territory.
  • Promote the development of MSMEs and SMEs, under the terms of Article 39 of Law 590 of 2000.
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